A New Fruitful Shortcodes
Wordpress Plugin

Add additional content shortcodes to visual editor it is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

Easy to use

Our well-coded shortcodes are designed to do a rush and quality job in case your website (or your client’s website) requires a facelift.

Friendly & Helpful

The simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface is beneficial during the creative process. You can effortlessly come up with a perfect website design in just a few clicks.

Fast Support

Our sensitive and strategic support specialists are always just a click away and ready to assist you with any difficulties you may experience.

4.8 – Rating on w.org

We were given a 4.8 rating on w.org. Users find the Fruitful Shortcodes WordPress plugin helpful and efficiently used.

20,000 – Active installations

The plugin has 20,000 active installations, which proves its efficiency. We are still proactive with the plugin updates

What our users says

We have been working hard to update our services. Here is some real feedbacks
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Been using the plugin for a while now – really pleased with it, had a problem with latest version 2 upgrade. Contacted support who came back very quickly to tell me pr...
This plugin was the perfect find for a need to render a lot of info and details about a summer camp without the page scrolling a mile long. We used the vertical orientati...
I found it as my requirement and have lots benefits from using it. Works great and easy way…
clean and light no bla bla bla install it and its working
Great plugin! Saves me a lot of work. Thank you
Perfect…exactly what I needed! great plugin, works beautifully, easy configuration and very attractive display. two thumbs up!
Nice Plugin and awesome support!
Makes life easier Quite useful
Congratulations! Very useful and complete plugin! 🙂